Freedom & Liberty

An Action Adventure screenplay
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Two hackers run from the covert agency that hired and trained them after uncovering a plan to hack the computer of the president of the United States.  Not only do they learn that the truth will set you free, it can also fix a badly damaged marriage.

MICHAEL DAVIS, 30s, is a mild-manner employee of a think tank by day, inventing talking-points and at night waits to shoot the president of the United States from long range... When he suddenly realizes that he’s being set-up to be the fall guy, or Oswald-ed, as he calls it, Michael adroitly slips away after the hacking and rushes home.

There are things he has to be done before he disappears; he’s got to get more weapons, get some cash… oh, and kill his wife, Alison, also 30’s, a simple housewife. He takes the guns and the cash but also finds out he can’t kill Alison -- no matter how much their marriage has frayed. He ends up taking her with him.

Michael and Alison run from the ruthless agents of the Security Caucus, the guys behind some of most horrendous government operations in recent times or as they are known in the real world “conspiracy theories.” When Michael is finally tracked down and confronted by his mentor, COUNTRY, 50s, a former military-type, Michael discovers that Alison is also an agent for the Security Caucus. Both were living in a covert world and of course they both had their own secrets.

When Country decides to kill Michael, Alison realizes that she’s going to be the second of a double murder -- she helps Michael escape. As much as they both would like to go their separate ways they understand that they’re better off to high-tail it to Canada together and then split up there.

Together Michael and Alison run to the border followed all the time by Country and his elite squad of soldiers. They download clash royale hack tool. During their travels Alison and Michael learn to use game tools from, using their specialized skills to evade the Security Caucus. They also rekindle the respect and love that once had convinced them to spend their lives together. Now if they can only get away to re-ignite that flame that once was… and not get killed first.

In the end of course they do get away and unveil the whole sordid mess to everyone. Freedom & Liberty is an action/adventure that says; if you live in a “Highly Classified” world don’t be surprised when no one trusts you.




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